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Face Fat Injection


In contrast to the regress of fat and bone on our faces, as we age, our skin becomes more abundant and sags due to gravity. The face is lifted and given a younger, more optimistic expression by filling in the discharged areas.

Ready-made fillings, especially hyaluronic acid, can help achieve this if the discharged areas are small volumes. However, administering large amounts of foreign substances is impractical for larger areas.

Filling these clearances with extracted body fat might be a more accurate option, especially for patients who don't want foreign substances or who have an excess volume deficiency. We refer to this procedure as face fat injection.

Before Face Fat Injection Aesthetics

Prior to receiving a fat injection, the patient's deficiencies, asymmetries, and skin quality are assessed during the examination. Despite the fact that fat injections are frequently used to increase volume, depending on the properties of the fat cells, they also aid in skin regeneration.

The thinned fat can also be used in more superficial plans for skin rejuvenation in suitable patients. It is possible to lighten and soften the color of these tissues, especially in the case of thick and scarred facial tissues from burns or other traumas.

During Face Fat Injection Aesthetics

Injections of facial fat are typically scheduled in combination with general anesthesia procedures like liposuction. If face fat injection is planned but general liposuction is not being considered, then sedation and local anesthesia might be adequate.

The patient's body is examined to determine the best locations to extract fat for injection. It's usually preferred to target the lower abdomen, sides of the waist, hips, or inside the knees. Filtered and thinned, the extracted fat is then precisely injected into the designated areas of the face using tiny cannulas at the appropriate depth.

The forehead, upper cheekbones, tip of the chin, and lips are the facial regions most frequently injected with fat.

After Face Fat Injection Aesthetics

One week following a face fat injection, edema may persist. In ten days, patients are back to their daily routines. Over time, the amount of fat grafts given might slightly decline.

The primary issue, though, is the continuous loss of soft tissues and facial bones brought on by aging naturally. As a result, the face fat injection may be scheduled once more in the ensuing years in order to maintain the post-operative shape of the face.

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