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Tummy Tuck


Skin cracks, sagging, excess belly fat, and deteriorating skin quality can all happen for a variety of reasons. Combining liposuction with tummy tuck procedures is a common surgical treatment approach.

It is one of the most commonly used treatments, especially in post-pregnancy maternity aesthetics, even though it can be seen in both genders. Sub-navel cracks can be permanently fixed, the belly button is created, the excess sagging skin is removed, and the abdomen is flattened.

Prior to abdominal surgery

One of the best techniques for the abdominal area is a tummy tuck, also referred to as an abdominoplasty. This procedure, especially when extra skin is removed, can correct the relaxation of the abdominal muscles brought on by a variety of factors, most notably pregnancy, and result in a flatter and more tight structure of the abdominal muscles. Depending on each patient's circumstances, liposuction can improve appearance aesthetics.

During Abdominoplasty

Similar to a cesarean section, your surgeon will plan the procedure by using your pelvis as a reference, leaving a scar in your underwear, removing excess skin during the procedure, repairing your abdominal muscles, and deciding on a more aesthetically pleasing and appropriate location for the belly button. The navel is still present. The procedure takes two to three hours total.

Following Abdominoplasty

After being monitored in the hospital for one to two days, the patient is released. In these surgeries, drains are utilized. Usually, the drain is taken out prior to hospital discharge.After that, you wear a corset and special socks for five to six weeks. It's advised to move around a lot and drink lots of water during this time.

Your surgeon will undoubtedly offer recommendations tailored to the patient. You could be able to work in eight to twelve days if you don't have an intense job.

All patients who meet certain requirements, such as being in good general health, having a youngest child who is at least a year old, not intending to become pregnant again, having never had a major abdominal operation, and having surgery approved by a doctor, can undergo abdominoplasty.


When indicated appropriately, a mini tummy tuck can be an alternative to an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), especially for patients who wish to leave fewer scars or who have excess skin beneath the umbilicus and intact muscle integrity. Remember to talk about this option with your surgeon.

Before Mini Tummy Tuck

Patients with belly button up are also suitable candidates for mini tummy tuck surgery, since no surgery is done over the abdomen. The treatment is limited to the skin, however it can occasionally include muscle repair.

During Mini Tummy Tuck

This surgery takes one to one and a half hours to complete under general anesthesia. Usually, liposuction is used in conjunction with the procedure. Compared to abdominoplasty, the pain is not as severe, and patients hardly ever report pain. Preparations are made to align with the cesarean section. This is still in the bikini line.

After Mini Tummy Tuck

Following the necessary hospital follow-up and oral food intake, the patient is released from the hospital. Hospital stays typically last one day. After one week, it is advised to resume light work, and three weeks later, to resume daily activities. Sports participation is possible as early as six weeks. Although the effects are irreversible, skin excess may recur after childbirth.


Upon application, it is observed that certain patients require a circular incision in the outer thigh, calf, and coccyx area in addition to a middle and lower tummy tuck. This is an operation that becomes apparent and advised following the weight loss process; it is not a treatment for obesity.

Results include lifting and stretching in other areas, strengthening of the muscles, and removal of sagging skin. It becomes imperative to assess the patient's risk factors when the magnitude of the surgical intervention is taken into account.

Before 360 Abdominoplasty (Belt Lipectomy)

A thorough examination of the client is performed, and the medical history is combined with a risk analysis. Blood tests are examined. The patient is given a detailed explanation of the scars that will stay after the appropriate drawing. brought to the operating room to undergo the procedure.

During 360 Abdominoplasty (Belt Lipectomy)

Under general anesthesia, this procedure takes five to six hours, and it is concluded using the proper aesthetic surgery techniques. In order to guarantee that the collected fluids are released, drains are positioned throughout the procedure. You will need to stay in the hospital for one or two days while receiving your prescribed treatment.

After 360 Abdominoplasty (Belt Lipectomy)

Resting in the posture advised by your surgeon will minimize stretching, as will early mobilization, corsets, socks, and occasionally pumps designed to activate your specific leg muscles.

Oral feeding is being tracked closely. It takes four to five days to get back to your regular life after being released from the hospital. As a result, a companion is advised. After ten to twelve days, non-heavy works can be handled.

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