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Temporal Lift


The term "canthus" refers to the beginning and ending points of the eyes, both internal and external. The almond eye is defined as the orientation of the eye axis upward, or the position of the outer canthus above the inner canthus. It's possible that the almond eye looks younger and more appealing.

Before Almond Eye Aesthetics

The almond eye is purely decorative. While this might result in a more appealing expression, not all face shapes will work well with it. It is especially advised for women who appear tired and have a downward eye axis.

During Almond Eye Aesthetics

Under local or general anesthesia, almond eye aesthetics procedures can be carried out in the operating room. The eye is directed to the bone and points upward from the outer canthus.

After Almond Eye Aesthetics

After almond eye aesthetics are added, new eyes are created. After surgery, bruising and edema are typical for seven to ten days. 3-5 days following the almond eye aesthetic surgery, the patient can resume their regular activities.


Expression is influenced by the position and form of the eyebrows on the face. Age causes eyebrows to fall. This results in a glum expression. Falling eyebrows can also pinch the skin of the eyelids directly below them, resulting in wrinkles or a drop in skin.

Techniques for lifting the brows include endoscopic procedures, open surgery, threadlifting, and Botox. The results of surgery are more lasting.

Before Brow Lifting Aesthetics

The patient is examined by a doctor after complaint about the position of their eyebrows. The majority of patients with low eyebrows ignore this complaint and instead return with complaints of low eyelids.

But the eyebrows' descent is the primary cause. The face's shape, symmetry, eyebrow placement, and overall form are all noted. The smoother the eyebrows fit, the more rounded the face shape, the sharper the angle, and the thinner and longer the eyebrows.

Patients with raised eyebrows appear confused and distorted, while those with low eyebrows appear hostile and unhappy. Your doctor will advise you on how much to lift your eyebrows before surgery.

During Brow Lifting Aesthetics

If Botox or thread brow lifting is the chosen technique, then local anesthetic creams will be adequate. General anesthesia is the preferred method if surgery is planned.

Brows are surgically repositioned to their proper positions. While the traditional brow-lifting procedure involves more sutures in more areas, endoscopic brow-lifting surgery can be completed with a smaller number of incisions.

After Brow Lifting Aesthetics

Edema for a week after the brow-lifting procedure and numbness in the surgical site are typical. For a while, moving the eyebrows might be difficult. Applying it cold will be adequate.

After browlifting, the upper eyelids are released to create a more "fresh" appearance. After surgery, the patients can resume their regular activities four to five days later. It is advised to give heavy exercise a month's notice.

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