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The relaxation of the vaginal muscles causes the vagina to enlarge in women. Births are the most frequent cause, but structural factors can also play a role. Having a wide vagina can be detrimental to a couple's sexual experience. It is possible to tighten the vagina either surgically or non-surgically.

Before Vaginoplasty

"Kegel" exercises can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises are advised both before and after surgery for patients with wide vaginas or for any woman who has given birth.

During Vaginoplasty

There are two types of vaginoplasty procedures: surgical and non-surgical. Laser devices allow for non-surgical methods to be implemented. General anesthesia should be used during the surgical procedure. A "strip" in the vagina is removed and its diameter is reduced during the procedure. In cases where surgery is needed again, it is possible.

After Vaginoplasty

Following a vaginoplasty, recovery is rapid. Exercises with Kegels are advised. It's crucial to refrain from sexual activity for six weeks following surgery.


The "mons pubis" is the hairy, soft area that lies between the groin and the labia majora in women and the groin and the penis in men. Patients find this area uncomfortable due to its size. Wearing swimsuits, bikinis, or tight pants causes discomfort in this area for women whose subcutaneous fatty tissue thickened.

Men's subcutaneous fat in this area can make the penis appear smaller than it is and create psychological discomfort.

Before Pubis Liposuction

In the pubic area, fat thickness is measured. Sagging may occasionally occur along with the growth in tissue. Depending on the issue, the patient may have liposuction or an upward pubis hang.

During Pubis Liposuction

If the only procedure being considered is pubic liposuction, local anesthesia may be used during the procedure. In order to create a flatter mons pubis, the abdomen is tightened downward in these patients, but the pubis is also hung upward during the abdominoplasty procedure.

After Pubis Liposuction

Patients recover from pubis liposuction surgery quite quickly. Women can wear tight clothing more comfortably when their mons pubis is more prominent, but men's appearance tends to make the penis appear somewhat larger.

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