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The procedure known as "post-bariatric surgery" is used to correct body deformities that arise from extreme weight loss.

This patient group consists of individuals who have had gastric surgery and have quickly lost 30 to 60 kg. Excessive skin and sagging appear under the arms, breasts, back, butt, legs, and even on the face when such weight is lost.

Surgery for arm lifts, leg lifts, face lifts, breast lifts, and tummy tucks removes excess skin. It is anticipated that patients will have sufficiently lost weight, achieved a normal "body mass index," and maintained a stable weight for a minimum of half a year prior to the procedure.

Patients whose blood values are inappropriate because of rapid weight loss or deficiencies in vitamins and minerals are not eligible for post-bariatric surgeries. Partially completing the surgeries over the course of at least two sessions is healthier.

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